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You can find a list of our distributors and their contact info here.


Bisan Inc.

Bisan Inc. is our distributor for both the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador,) as well as Ontario and Quebec.

Atlantic Provinces

  • Contact: Raymond P. Pecoskie
  • Work: (905) 542-2209
  • Mobile: (902) 719-8245
  • E-mail: rpecoskie@bisaninc.com
  • Web: Bisan Inc.

Ontario & Quebec

  • Contact: Hassan Khalil
  • Work: (905) 542-2209
  • Mobile: (306) 291-2141
  • E-mail: hkhalil@bisaninc.com
  • Web: Bisan Inc.


Vantage Marketing Ltd.

Vantage Marketing Ltd. handles our distribution in both Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
More info here.


JSA Sales Inc.

JSA Sales Inc. manages our distribution in British Columbia.
More info here.
  • Contact: JSA Sales Inc. Team
  • Work: (604) 525-4774
  • E-mail: quotes@jsasales.com
  • Web: JSA Sales Inc.