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Shower/ Eyewash Operation

Our emergency showers and eyewashes can be quickly activated by different mechanisms: by pedal. by pulling the triangular lever. by pushing the lever.

Eyewash Assembly

One or two spray heads offer low pressure aerated water, flushing the face and the eyes without damaging delicate eye tissues. The large diameter jet reaches a 15 cm height, according to standards. The plastic materials and rounded forms will not cause facial injuries in the case of accidental contact. The spray heads have anti-dust covers which are released automatically when the Eyewash unit is activated.

Shower Heads

The water distribution pattern is in accordance to all relevant standards to give a wide and smooth flow pattern. The large shower head diameter of 250 mm and the design of the flow holes prevent restricted flow caused by lime scale or contamination.

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We offer a comprehensive and dependable line of Safety showers, Eyewashes and Decontamination platforms that cover a wide range of needs and requirements. Our products come in different types of materialsĀ suitable for all kinds of installations (floor, wall, ceiling, table...) with several possible operating mechanisms (pull handle, push lever, platform...) Our engineered product line offers packaged solutions for special requirements such as freeze-less units, tampered water systems, direct and storage water heater fed units, alarm and controls, etc... We are always working on new solutions t...